Dear Customers

In 1998, “Chinggis beer “LLC was the landmark in the history of Mongolian Beer market supplying high quality beer brewed according to the quality control stature or famous “ Reinheitsgebot” , Beer Purity law of Germany.

From then on Chinggis beer has became the most appreciated beer in the country. Presently “Chinggis Beer” Swiss Mongolia Joint Venture has extended its distributional network up to 200 Including Ulaanbaatar and other urban areas.


Our brewery house equipped with modern German technologies. Special sort of barley malt and fresh hops are imported from Germany as well. Our Brew Master works fully focusing on choosing these raw materials, therefore it is guarantee that Chinggis beer’s consumers consuming a grand quality beer which is brewed from pure natural resource.


The proudest part of our service is that our customers can taste a fresh and high quality beer.

We always seek every possible way to deliver high quality product to our customers and executives are responsible for monthly quality assessment of the product sample evaluated by State Health Institute  also Lab in Germany


It was the utmost goal of brewery house service to deliver a product to the consumers fresh at +3 +8 C.

The necessary cooler system is provided together with the subsidiaries, chinggis glasses commercial samples free of charge.

We also offer free seminars in our company giving direction and tips on the cooler system equipped operation. Besides, there have been numerous services including the equipment cleansing method, doing various kinds of statistical surveys and organizing “Beer Day”.


Ultimately we keep on working diligently and we are expecting to see our distributors regularly use Chinggis Standard. Chinggis Standard is means of service which consumers and customers have to test a cool, fresh and delicious Chinggis Beer.

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